Tory Lanez Celebrates Independence On “Letter To The City 2”


On Tory Lanez’ “New Toronto 3,” the rapper celebrates his final album with Interscope on “Letter To The City 2.”

Tory Lanez released Chixtape 5 in late December but months later, he returns with the third installment in the New Toronto mixtape series. The highly anticipated tape arrives during a strange time when the rapper, nor any artist, has been able to tour or perform shows. However, the project signifies something way more than simply a new tape during dark times; it’s also Tory’s final album on Interscope.

On “Letter To The City 2,” Tory details the various deals he’s had over the years including his time with Sean Kingston, as well as his time with Mad Love, a subsidiary of Interscope Records. Per Genius, the rapper is reportedly speaking of Benny Blanco, owner of Mad Love, but bleeps out the names. Making references to the label’s name slyly, he suggests that he wasn’t getting the support that he needed. “Threatenin’ to shelf my whole career of five years/ As if he wasn’t takin’ money from out of my advance,” he raps on the second verse. It should be noted that New Toronto 3 was released through Interscope

He isn’t dwelling on the situation, though. He celebrates the next steps in his career including the artists under the One Umbrella imprint. “The next move is goin’ fully independent/ and any label offer under hundred mill’ is just offensive,” he concludes.

Check the track out below.


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