Fetty Wap Shares “Pretty Thang” Single To Celebrate “[Gemini] SZN”

Fetty Wap is back with another love song as he drops off his new single “Pretty Thang.”

Earlier this week, Fetty Wap began trending on social media. Hoards of fans took to Twitter to share their favorite memories of the New Jersey rapper’s reign when you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing his hit 2014 track “Trap Queen.” While he’s had other charting hits including “My Way” featuring Monty, “Again,” and “679” with Remy Boyz, it’s still been a few years since we’ve received another show-stopping banger from the rapper. Fetty Wap has shared a few new songs over the past several months, and now he’s returned with another single titled “Pretty Thang.”

The rapper revealed the cover art to the track on Instagram along with a snippet of the single. “♊️Snz … FettyWap – Pretty Thang 💋,” he wrote in the caption. “Pretty Thang” is another Fetty banger for the ladies as he sings directly to the woman who he wants to get to know. Maybe this will be the game-changer that fans have been waiting for? Give “Pretty Thang” a listen and let us know what you think about this one from Fetty Wap.

Quotable Lyrics

I can take you out on a trip, pick an island
Fast car, baby, you can pick where we ridin’
Photo, let you take a pic, we ain’t hidin’
Mad choose, cash rules everything around me
Baby, what’s your name? I’m gon’ tell you mine, and
Lookin’ at your frame, love when I’m behind it
Love your pretty thing, tell me if you’re ridin’
Club little crowded, why don’t you come on inside, baby?


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