Jhene Aiko & Wiz Khalifa Are Never Coming “Down Again”

Never land.

Jhené Aiko returned with Chilombo (Deluxe), adding nine tracks to her original release. The new, bulked up album adds a Wiz Khalifa feature on the track entitled “Down Again.” Both Wiz and Jhene are very vocal in their music about their love for marijuana, so it is no surprise that they team up on this smoking anthem.

Playful poppy synths give “Down Again” a bubbly vibe, and Wiz kicks the song off with a verse. Typically, the rapper is placed at the end of the song. Or, if they do appear at the beginning, it’s only for a short moment before they reappear to spit a full verse later in the song (think “Best of Me” by Mya and Jay-Z). But, on “Down Again,” Wiz lays out his full verse, with some vocal backing from Jhene, right at the beginning. This is a fun, pop/R&B fusion track that is made for Summer smoking adventures.

Quotable Lyrics
I’ma get the bag, I’ma get the bag
I’ma get the money while they mad, you gon’ make me laugh
I’ma pull the duffle out with cash, fill it up with gas
I don’t really think about your past when I puff and pass
Baby, this will knock you on your ass, make you do a dance

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