Rochester hosts anti-racism discussion

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) – A new racial justice program held its first meeting on Saturday afternoon in Rochester. The goal was to talk about how to move forward after he death of Daniel Prude and upheaval of the Rochester Police Department.

It also included dialogue about laws and policies that create changes for people of color in Rochester.

The meeting was held by Rev. Myra Brown who stood with protesters last weekend.

The anti-racism and Racial Justice Program was sponsored by Assemblyman Harry Bronson and by Demond Meeks, who’s the winner of the Democratic Primary for the District 137 seat.

A program leader, Melissa Parish, said they want to find ways to open people’s minds to the changes Rochester needs.

“It’s, ‘What? Wow, I didn’t know that,’ that allows people to open themselves up to learn more and change their point of view and change policies that ultimately are affecting people’s lives.”

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