NFL Reports 19 New Cases of COVID-19 Within Past Week

According to numbers released Tuesday by the NFL and NFL Players Association, the number of positive COVID-19 cases in the NFL stayed even from the previous week. Testing for Oct. 18-24 resulted in 19 new cases, including eight positives among players and 11 confirmed positives among other personnel — numbers that are identical to last week.

On this latest report, 42,687 tests were administered to a total of 7,817 players and team personnel. The breakdown: 16,799 tests were administered to 2,491 players; 25,888 tests were administered to 5,326 personnel.

Since monitoring began Aug. 1, more than 500,000 tests were administered to players and personnel through Oct. 24.

NFL, NFLPA: 19 positive COVID-19 tests between October 18-24


Editorial credit: Alena Veasey /