Lil Perco releases new single and visuals “Misery Loves Company”

Rochester NY artist Lil Perco had a very strong and impactful end to 2020 after dropping hit singles “Sleepless Nights” (currently at 259,753 views) and “Watch Yo Homie” (currently at 285,370 views). He is back with another one, bringing back the melodic sounds that is gaining him notoriety and fame throughout the world but giving his fans insight on his personal life. With lyrics such as “for my fans enjoy this moment that I’m really sharing, the story behind this was a girl who had a miscarriage,” Perco shares rhymes about a personal moment that many did not have knowledge about. Perco once again linked up with producer Blanco, who also produced “Sleepless Nights,” and continues to rack up an impressive amount of views and showcasing his versatile and creativity. Looking forward to see what is next for the young 17 year old rapper from Upstate, New York. Check out the visuals below, directed by Sage Cruz.


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