Quando Rondo Stands Alone On “Still Taking Risks” Project


The rapper has been through quite a lot in recent months, and he’s put his feelings on wax.

It has been a rough six months for Quando Rondo. It was back in November that he was involved in a physical altercation that resulted in the death of King Von, and since that time, Rondo has endured some frightening moments. Just recently, it was shared that his latest concert was void of fans because it was alleged that they were concerned for their safety at one of the rapper’s shows. Then, days later, reports surfaced that Rondo had been shot at with a member of his crew sustaining an injury.

Still, Quando Rondo has pressed forward and on Friday (May 7), he returned with his Still Taking Risks project. It looks like Rondo is sending the message that he can stand alone because he offers the record with no features. Last week, when he shared the tracklist, Rondo penned a caption that spoke to his current emotional state.

“The Last If Not The First [pleading sad face emoji] This MusiC Sh*t Brung So Many Problems In My Life,” the rapper wrote. “I WatCh So Many People Change Up On Me . Family , Cripz , Homies This Sh*t Just made me notice Ain’t No Love I’m Prepared For The Worst Tho.” Stream Still Taking Risks and let us know what you think.


1. Blue Man
2. Red Eye
3. Drop Sum
4. Devil on My Shoulder
5. I Thought
6. Purple Baby
7. Okay
8. 21
9. Angel Wings
10. Still Doing Wrong
11. Cest Friends
12. No More
13. DND 2 Airplanes
14. Soul Reaper
15. Stand On It
16. End of Story (Bonus)
17. Street Life (Bonus)
18. Go That Way (Bonus)

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