Benny The Butcher & 38 Spesh Drop Off “Trust The Sopranos”

Benny The Butcher and 38 Spesh bring their crews together for the new compilation album “Trust The Sopranos.”

Benny The Butcher‘s Black Soprano Family has joined forces with 38 Spesh’s Trust Gang for the aptly titled Trust The Sopranos, a new compilation project featuring talents from both lyrically sharp camps. Featuring contributions from Benny, Spesh, El Camino, Klass Murda, Ransom, Ampichino, Heem, Rick Hyde, Che Noir, and Chase Fetti, the album is yet another dose of quality hip-hop that further bolsters the narrative that the golden era is alive and well.

Though the album features plenty of inspired performances across the board, Che Noir leaves one hell of an impact on the haunting highlight “Price Of Fame.” “Look they put a black person for sale,” she spits. “Use churches and tell that the man we worship is pale / if you can read that’s why they murdered the males / now it’s ironic how these ni*gas catch a sentence fo they learn how to spell.”

Though the lack of a consistent lineup keeps Trust The Sopranos from true cohesion, there’s enough chemistry and common ground to keep things moving. It’s also a worthy showcase of the BSF and Trust Gang rosters, both of whom boast some stellar talent worthy of further spotlight. If you’ve come to value what The Butcher and Spesh have brought to the table thus far, do yourself a solid and add Trust The Sopranos to your rotation — if so, be sure to share your highlight tracks in the comments below.

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