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Clarification & DISCLAIMER

The Beat 105.5 FM Is Rochester’s New #1 for Hip Hop and R&B and We are THRILLED to be on the
Air! The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we are grateful for the support! And we
are exited to get the chance to tap into some of the Tremendous Local Talent!
So that there is no confusion or misconceptions about the process, we have outlined the following
guidelines and stipulations for submission and participation:

1. You must submit each song individually via the The Beat 105.5 FM Website along with a
complete discography of each track submitted.

2. You agree that by submitting a song for consideration for commercial airplay that you own
OR have secured all relevant rights to the sound recording and are indemnifying The Beat
105.5 FM of any litigation, fiduciary judgment, or other unforeseen civil or financial issues
that could arise as a result of our station playing your song.

3. Each Song must be a RADIO EDIT, free of profanity. This is NON NEGOTIABLE. If your
submission is not compliant to this stipulation, we will delete the file and you will not be
allowed to participate in this program.

4. There is NO COST to participate in this program. Any song that makes it to the air, will have
done so based on the MERIT and FEEDBACK it garners from our staff and selection
committee. We reserve the right to manage the selection process based on proprietary
methods that have proven to be successful.

5. While, We do offer a New Artist Advertising package that consists of :30 and :60 Second
Commercial Packages, Online Advertising and Web Banner Placement and more; You have
to have either a song or album COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE in stores or online, OR an
upcoming show or event that you can promote with the commercials that are included, or
you are NOT ELIGIBLE for this package.

6. In other words- YOU CAN’T BUY YOUR SONG ON THE AIR. So Please Don’t ask!

I hope these guidelines clear up any miscommunication in this regard and PLEASE KEEP

There is a lot of Great Artistry in this City and we are looking forward to doing our part to
help break THE NEXT BIG THING!!

The Beat 105.5 FM Programming & Sales Department

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