38 Spesh Is On “Interstate 38” With Benny The Butcher, Ransom, & More

Cruising state to state.


Hailing from Rochester, NY, 38 Spesh has returned with the album Interstate 38. The north-south bound highway in upstate New York could be the inspiration here, or the name of the album could just be a play on Spesh’s rap name. Regardless, the 35-year-old MC takes center stage here as he delivers one of the best projects of his career. Running for 11 tracks, Interstate 38 boasts features from Benny the Butcher, Ransom, Klass Murder, Elcamino, Clemm Rishad, Dini, and Che Noir.

38 Spesh employs the likes of The Heatmakerz, Buckwild, and others for production. Interstate 38 finds Spesh in an introspective space where he touches on mature subjects such as wealth and investments or taking care of your family. Although it has some down moments, Spesh’s latest piece of work is gripping and emotional, and a great way to end off 2020 with a bang. Stream Interstate 38 everywhere now.

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