If You Want to Lose Weight WATCH THIS w/ Mylitta Butler

Most people won’t ever know what it feels like to be trapped in your own body. To struggle with a mountain that seems to hard and impossible to climb. To carry an astronomical amount of weight and not know where to start on getting back to a feeling of control. I admitted to myself that I was out of control and had allowed my feelings to be dealt with using food. (It was so bad I remember standing up in my kitchen eating a sandwich and chips while I was cooking dinner that I would soon eat in less than an hour; I was eating while preparing to eat!) If this is our first time meeting I am Mylitta Butler and I am passionate about empowering women with tips and tools to lose weight, get in shape and feel good about themselves. Thank you so much for watching my channel. I would love to connect with you also on social media. IG @iammylittabutler and on Facebook at Mylitta Butler. I am wishing you much success with your fitness goals and I would appreciate hearing from you about additional topics or questions you’d like me to answer. Take care of yourself and be blessed. Check out my blog at www.mylittabutler.com for more weight loss tips.

-Mylitta Butler

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