Nav, Gunna, & Travis Scott’s “Turks” Has Finally Landed


Nav, Gunna, and Travis Scott hop back on that Learjet for a trip to “Turks,” their first road trip since embarking for “Yosemite.”

Ever since NavGunna, and Travis Scott hopped off the Learjet on the way back from “Yosemite,” fans have been eagerly awaiting their next road trip, wherever it might happen to bring them. As it turns out, the destination was set long ago. Enter “Turks,” a long-awaited reunion banger from the trifecta, one that has been gaining momentum ever since a snippet first premiered a while back.

Though it was likely meant for a full-length project, Nav took it upon himself to expedite the release, a move we’re all grateful for. Now, “Turks” has arrived in high-quality, living up to the hype set by Astroworld highlight “Yosemite.” Taking to the minimalist beat with a melodic flow, Nav sets the scheme in motion with some hypnotic bars, mirrored by his collaborators in their following verses.

Though some have wondered whether he’d coast following his heightened success, Travis Scott stands in fine form on this one, gliding over the instrumental with panache. “First time in Turks, had a whole bunch of work had to bring two jets, and a whole lot of babes,” he raps, making us all collectively pine for the days of open air travel. The always reliable Gunna closes the track, the hero we never knew we needed. “You know I’m not simp, no stretch, send texts, so I’m puttin’ in work, gotta beat it out the frame,” he boasts, gliding over Wheezy‘s slick banger.

Check it out now, and sound off – did Nav’s “Turks” live up to the hype?


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